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5 Reasons Men Should Consider Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

If you have been diagnosed with low testosterone or imbalanced hormones, you have probably heard about bioidentical hormone therapy. For most men, testosterone levels start a steady decline by age 30. So, if you’re starting to feel the effects of low testosterone, it might be time to consider hormone therapy. If you’re not sure if it is right for you, consider these five reasons most men use hormone replacement therapy.


Reason #1 – You’ll Have a Better Sex Drive

Your testosterone levels affect your sex drive. When you have low testosterone, you will notice a significant decrease in your drive. By using bioidentical hormone therapy, you can increase your sexual interest. Also, if you are suffering from erectile dysfunctions, testosterone replacement could help.

Reason #2 – Your Memory Will Improve

Men who use bioidentical hormone therapy notice a significant improvement in their memory. Also, men who have noticed mood swings or irritability have reported a better mood once they go through hormone therapy. That is because hormones play a vital role in our moods and when you are low in testosterone, your mood is affected. Some patients even report depression or anxiety with low testosterone.

Reason #3 – Your Workouts Will Improve

Have you been working out like a dog without gaining any new muscle mass? Testosterone therapy can increase your body’s muscle mass. Also, because hormone therapy helps reduce bone loss, you’ll notice that you have more endurance, are less prone to injury and get a better workout than before.

Reason #4 – Your Risk for Heart Disease Will be Lowered

Hormone replacement therapy has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels in men. If you use hormone replacement therapy and reduce the cholesterol in your blood, you can actually lower your risk for heart disease.

Reason #5 – You’ll Have More Energy

If you have noticed your energy levels are non-existent, it is likely because of your low testosterone. Most men suffering from low testosterone levels report feeling sluggish, tired all the time regardless of how much they sleep, and suffering from mood swings. With hormone therapy, you’ll notice an extra spring in your step, more energy and you may even see a decrease in depression.

If you are thinking about testosterone replacement therapy, or if you’re worried you have low testosterone, visit the professionals at New Vitality today. We can test your hormone levels to see what is lacking and prescribe a testosterone replacement regimen to help get you back on track. Schedule a no obligation phone consultation today with a New Vitality practitioner.

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