5 Reasons Women Should Consider Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Hormone replacement therapy isn’t all that new – but today more women are considering it than they have in the past. While bioidentical hormone therapy isn’t for everyone, it is effective in treating menopausal symptoms for those approved to take the treatment. If you’re not sure whether hormone therapy’s right for you, schedule a time to meet with the professionals at New Vitality today for a consultation and consider these five top reasons more women are using bioidentical hormone therapy.

Reason #1: You’ll Get Your Energy Back

There’s nothing worse than the fatigue you get when menopause shows up. You find yourself sleeping more, poorly or not being able to sleep at all. This common symptom of menopause can be alleviated with hormone therapy. You’ll sleep better at night, which means you’ll have more energy during the day.

Reason #2: You Will Reduce Those Hot Flashes

Severe hot flashes are no picnic. For most women, those hot flashes can disrupt daily life and even make it impossible to leave the house. But with bioidentical hormone therapy, you won’t have to worry about hot flashes any more – the therapy has been shown to significantly reduce them.

Reason #3: Osteoporosis Risks Are Reduced

As you age, you may have a heightened risk for osteoporosis. Bioidentical hormone therapy can reduce that risk and help prevent you from developing it in the future.

Reason #4: No More Night Sweats

If you have night sweats on a regular basis, you might find relief from hormone replacement therapy. Also, it is important to remember night sweats should be treated, whether or not you choose to take part in hormone therapy. Prolonged night sweats could result in other medical conditions or issues.

Reason #5: You’ll Feel Better

When you don’t have balanced hormones, you don’t feel right. You could be restless all day, have difficulty sleeping or even suffer from depression. For some, menopausal symptoms can lead to a poor quality of life and even make it more difficult to perform daily functions. Bioidentical hormone therapy can help solve all of those issues and make you feel better in numerous ways.

If you are thinking about hormone replacement therapy, schedule a no obligation phone consultation with the team at New Vitality today. We can help you decide if hormone therapy is right for you and discuss whether you are a candidate.

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