Common Myths about aging by New Vitality Medical Institute

Common Myths About Aging

The Leaner You Are, The Longer You Live

Once you reach the age of 75, research shows that there is a “happy middle ground” when it comes to body composition, and leaner is not always better.In fact, a study by the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging found that those with a BMI of 27 lived longer than any other BMI.

Researchers say the extra body weight could actually help with immunity.

You Need a Hearing Aid When You Get Older

Yes, hearing loss does happen as you age, but not everyone needs a hearing aid as they get older.

In fact, only a handful of aging Americans actually need a hearing aid by the time they reach 70 or 80.

Further, there are plenty of Americans in their 90s and 100s with excellent hearing.

You Get Less Social As You Age

A person’s personality is usually set by the time they reach 30 years. So if you are a social, outgoing individual at age 30, you are likely to stay that way whether you are 50, 60 or 100.

Some people do become withdrawn as they age, but that is typically because of a lack of mobility — and difficulty making it to social events — not because they don’t want to socialize.

You Become Senile as You Age

For some aging individuals, yes, it is true they can become senile. But this is often because of a degenerative disorder — such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.

There’s ongoing research into neuroprotective measures that can help reduce cognitive decline … here’s an excellent research piece on the ketogenic’s diets potentially disease modifying impact on Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons.

You Lose Your Sex Drive

People over the age of 60 are just as interested in sex as they were when they were younger. In fact, plenty of adults over the age of 60 remain sexually active. Some reasons older folk lose their drive is because of hormones and changes in their hormones from menopause. But, with proper hormone therapy, sex drives often return in full swing.

If you are worried about getting older or want to learn more about how to age healthy, schedule a free, no-obligation preliminary phone consultation with the professionals at New Vitality today.

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