How to Naturally Stay Young – Regardless of How Old You Really Are

You know you have aged, but does your body feel that way? There are two ways to age: literally and chronologically. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean your body or even looks need to act that way. Most people assume that if they’re getting older, they just need to give up. But, there are actual all natural ways that you can combat your true age and feel more youthful each day.

Stay Active and Exercise

Exercise is a great way to stay in shape and also remain youthful. It keeps your body flexible and strong, can reduce your risk for heart disease and diabetes, and can even help with your mood. Don’t just be active; incorporate some real workouts into your daily life. That means including:

  • Aerobic Exercise
  • Strength Training
  • Lifestyle Activities

Eat Healthy

Nutrition fights off aging just as much as it fights off illness. Real food, meaning no preservatives or additives, helps your body and skin better than any supplement could ever do. You want a well-balanced diet that is rich in the essential antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Stick to deep, leafy vegetables, fruit, meat, fresh dairy and even green tea.

Get a Good Night’s Rest

Nothing ages a person more than not having enough sleep each night. Chronic sleep deprivation can actually age your body — and even make you look older than you are. Aim for at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night, even if that means going to bed a little earlier each day. If you are having trouble sleeping, speak with a professional at New Vitality to see what we can suggest for a better night’s rest.

Use Yoga and Meditation

Stress ages a person — fast. It can cause high blood pressure, obesity, skin inflammation and even heart disease. If you suffer from stress, take up yoga and use meditation daily. Try to set a few minutes aside each day for quiet time that is devoted to you and only you.

Take Care of Your Teeth

Dental hygiene is important. When you don’t take proper care of your teeth you could actually cause other health issues such as heart disease and lung illnesses. Also, nothing can age a person’s appearance more than missing teeth or stained yellow teeth.

Protect Your Skin

Wearing sunscreen will keep your skin looking youthful. The more UV radiation you’re exposed to, the more your skin will breakdown. When you lose collagen that is when the wrinkles start to form. So, start putting on a lot of sunscreen before you get outside. It is a common myth that you cannot get a tan if you’re wearing sunscreen, so don’t be afraid to slather it on.

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