Tips to boost your testosterone naturally

Tips for Boosting Your Testosterone Naturally

Have low T? You’re not alone.Hundreds of men are diagnosed with low testosterone each year.

While there are plenty of things we can do for you here at New Vitality to give you a boost in your T levels, there are also natural ways to give you a little extra lift.

Sometimes all it takes are simple lifestyle changes to increase your testosterone…

But, if you still notice a problem, meet with one of our experts and let us help you combine a method of natural and hormonal treatments so that you can feel like yourself once again.

Get Some Sleep

Poor sleep can affect your testosterone. In fact, when you don’t get enough sleep every day, the chemicals and hormone levels in your body will suffer. Start making sleep your #1 priority every day. That means getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night. If that means no more TV past 10:00pm, you’ll have to do it — if you want your testosterone levels to increase.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Men who are overweight are statistically known for lower testosterone levels. Just by shedding a few pounds and getting back to a healthy weight, you could see a natural increase in your testosterone levels. The same goes for those who are underweight — so get your weight to the optimum level for your body type and see if that helps your testosterone in the process.

Check out this testimonial / guide from a patient of Natural Health Atlanta who lost over 20 pounds in 45 days through natural means… it should help you on your journey!

Get Active

Staying active is good for your body all around, but especially for your hormones. Your body’s testosterone levels naturally adjust to the needs of your body — so if you live a sedimentary life, your testosterone will stay sluggish too. Think about how you spend most of your day. Are you on the couch or are you outside active? If you aren’t considered the “active” type, then it’s time to increase your daily activity — even if that just means taking a yoga class or going for a walk a few times a week.

Get Control Over Your Stress

Constant stress can destroy your body’s natural hormone producing capabilities. That is because your body produces high amounts of the stress-controlling cortisol, which kills your testosterone. If you control stress naturally, you can reduce how much cortisol your body produces. Try cutting back your work hours each week or start spending time doing what you love and see if that helps reduce the mental stress.

Get Professional Help

If you don’t have a weight problem, you remain active and you’re resting just plenty at night, it might be time to turn to professional help. The team at New Vitality can help you control your testosterone and get it back on track. Whether it is through supplements or injections, our team will analyze your current levels and find the perfect solution for you.

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