Tips For Getting Your Anger In Check

Tips For Getting Your Anger In Check

Are you described as a short fuse type of person? Do you notice you get into confrontations a lot or have explosive anger? Letting your anger get out of control can mess with your life, relationships and even harm your job. Therefore, you need to get your anger in check before it checks you out of the game.

What is Anger, Really?

Anger isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it also isn’t a good thing. It can be normal and even healthy to feel angry in some situations, but when anger becomes a problem, that is when it is time to get it checked. You might feel out of control with your anger, but there are ways to control even the hottest temper.
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Self-Managing Your Anger

Venting can be healthy with anger, but not in all situations, especially if you have sensitive people in your life. Anger can damage relationships and even get in the way of a successful life.

  • Anger is bad for your health. When you have high levels of stress, you are more susceptible to things like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease and even insomnia.
  • Anger can impact your mental health. You will notice you have trouble thinking straight, difficulty concentrating, and you can’t find the bigger picture in situations.
  • Anger damages your career. When you encounter creative differences, constructive criticism or even a heated debate, you won’t see the positive side of these situations. And, if you get a bad reputation, it might follow you from job to job – holding you back from advancement.
  •  Anger ruins relationships. The people you love the most could be scarred permanently from your anger outbursts. People might feel tense around you, have trouble trusting you or even have difficulty opening up to you. For children, anger explosions could be damaging to their self-esteem.

Figure Out the Reasons Behind Your Anger

Sometimes there is a reason you have a short fuse. Perhaps you learned it from your childhood or you have high levels of stress. Often anger is used to cover up other feelings – sort of like a knee jerk response. Some people who suffer from extreme anger do so because they:

  • Have difficulty compromising
  • Cannot express other emotions
  • Have different viewpoints that are a personal challenge

Think Hormones

Some people have anger issues because of imbalanced hormones. In fact, menopausal women are known for having anger outbursts and difficulty controlling their emotions. An imbalance can also cause other symptoms that are written off as something else, such as joint pain, weight gain or loss, difficulty sleeping, or anxiety.

If you have been struggling with your emotions, or you’re wondering about how hormones affect your anger, contact the team at New Vitality today. We can assess your hormone levels and if they are out of balance, get them back in harmony so that you can get back in control of your anger.

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