Few wasys to reduce risk of colon cancer

Worried About Colon Cancer?  A Few Ways to Reduce Your Risk

Colon cancer is a growing concern for Americans, but there are ways you can reduce the risk of colon cancer. Even if you’re diagnosed down the road, taking these steps might help catch it early and make treatment a lot easier.

Get Your Screenings

Having a colonoscopy is one of the fastest and best ways to fight cancer. It takes the cells inside your colon 10 to 15 years to develop into cancerous cells; therefore, doctors can remove those abnormal polyps before they are able to convert into cancer. (click below to read more)

Most people are at risk for colon cancer after age 50, so schedule your regular screenings whether you want to or not. While the preparation for a colonoscopy isn’t grand, getting one regularly could help identify cancer early enough to prevent it from taking your life.

Start Losing Weight

A few studies have concluded that being obese links to colon cancer. The more fat you have around your mid-section, the more likely you are to be diagnosed with cancer down the road. Some studies have shown that regular to moderate exercise each week has also been shown to reduce the risk of cancer, too.

Start Increasing Your Daily Fiber Intake

Multiple studies have shown that diets that are rich in fiber can reduce the risk of colon cancer. Plus, when you eat diets rich in fiber like vegetables, fruits and whole grains, you’re improving your overall health in the process. While there are still more studies researching just how effective fiber is at preventing colon cancer, adding a little more fiber to your diet won’t do you any harm — and that is for sure.

Quit the Cigarettes

Smoking causes a multitude of health issues and you know it. So it shouldn’t be a shock that some researchers think smoking and colon cancer are related. Quitting the cigarettes will not only help reduce your risk of colon cancer, but it could also benefit your entire body.

Take Vitamins and Supplements Daily

A few studies are sprouting up talking about the benefit of taking supplements and vitamins each day. These might decrease your risk of colon cancer and could help give you more energy and benefit your body in multiple ways. Some studies have suggested taking supplements like Vitamin D on a daily basis as well as a daily dose of magnesium.

Check Your Hormones

Estrogen and progesterone could decrease your risk for colon cancer. Some research has shown that hormone replacement therapy for women after menopause actually reduces their risk of colon cancer, while younger women taking birth control pills are less likely to be diagnosed with cancer. These studies are still relatively new, but could be information to consider in the future as more research is completed.

While we cannot fully predict what will and will not cause cancer, doing what you can today to reduce your risk benefits your entire body. For more help getting your diet, weight or even your hormones in check, contact the team at New Vitality today.

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