Comprehensive Medical Weight Loss in Atlanta, GA

If your resolution this year is to get healthy and lose weight, New Vitality Medical, LLC can help you. Our patients who have gone through our medical weight loss program in Atlanta, GA have seen outstanding results. On average, patients lose 16 pounds every 30 days. Not only do our patients lose weight, but they also feel better and significantly improve their health!

The Secrets to Our Weight Loss Program’s Success

Our concierge doctor-supervised medical weight loss program helps patients recognize the root cause of why weight gain has become an issue for them. We understand weight loss is difficult for many people, so we create customized solutions designed specifically for you. With our advanced individualized setting, nutrition counseling, and proven weight loss therapies, we can help you quickly and effectively achieve your weight loss and health goals. We’ll help you develop healthier eating choices, so you can lose stubborn stored body fat and decrease your risks of developing diseases caused by being overweight. You’ll also find yourself feeling healthier and more energetic over time. Our comprehensive and personalized weight management programs are based on medical evidence to identify and target the root causes for your obesity and weight gain. Our providers will give you the treatment and guidance essential to help you lose the weight and keep it off for life!

Highlights of Our Eight-Week Medical Weight Loss Program

    Consultation with a healthcare provider to review your medical history and perform a thorough physical exam
    Customized medical weight loss program based on your needs
    Pharmaceutical-grade injectable hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) or four weeks of physician-grade homeopathic liquid drops
    Comprehensive labs testing over 80 panels, including in-depth hormone levels, thyroid, adrenals, vitamins, sugar levels, cholesterol profile, inflammation markers, cancer markers, heart disease markers, blood counts, and more
    PhenTabz weight loss pills, which are a safe and effective way to suppress your appetite, increase metabolism, and increase energy
    Weekly B12, Lipo, and Glutathione injections to aid in weight loss, energy, nutrition, detox, and liver support
    One nutrient IV infusion (“skinny cocktail”)
    Weekly weigh-in and check-up with a healthcare provider
    In-body measurements using a method called Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to assess and track your body fat percentage, visceral body fat, skeletal muscle mass, metabolic rate, extracellular water weight, segmental fat analysis, and obesity analysis
    Expert medical management and regular monitoring
    Healthy meal plans
    One FREE WarmSculpting™ treatment at the end of the program in an area of your choice – all participants also receive 50% off future WarmSculpting™ treatments
    Concierge access to a medical provider
    Support from our warm and encouraging office staff

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